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Dr. Mark Ackrell

Dr. Mark Ackrell

Dr. Mark Ackrell, Medical Director

Mark was born in 1965 in Honolulu Hi to parents with a bad case of wanderlust He has been traveling ever since (50+ countries and counting). While growing up in Leicester, England and San Francisco most of his athletic endeavors revolved around playing soccer. Since completing his residency in Emergency Medicine he has utilized his skills while working, traveling and playing throughout the world. He has been medical back up for climbing expeditions thru South America and Africa. He is a team physician for
both for florida’s federal disaster medical assistance team (DMAT-FL4) as well as the state relief team (SRT-1) and has worked most of the recent hurricanes. He continues to be a clinical instructor for Univ. of Florida and is involved with NASA as a shuttle launch physician.

B.A. –Physiology , Univ. of Ca, Berkeley
B.A.-Biochemistry with minor in Mol. Biology, Univ. of Ca. Berkeley
M.D.-University of Pittsburgh
Residency in Int Med & Emergency Medicine, Univ. of Florida, Jacksonville.

Current Assignments:
Medical Director, Emergency Dept South Austin Hospital
Clinical Instructor, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Univ. of Fl
Assoc. Director, Office of the Medical Director, Austin/Travis County EMS
Medical Director, The Expedition School, Austin Tx
Medical Director, Motorcycle Special Events Team , Austin Tx.
Team Physician: DMAT-FL 4
Team Physician: Fl SRT-1
Team Physician: Univ of Fl/NASA shuttle launch team

Certifications: FACEP, ATLS, ACLS, PALS, AHLS, AWLS, Hyperbaric Medicine, CCATT, ABLS

Current Residence: Austin, Texas

Years in the Field: 16

Skills: austere environment/pre-hospital medicine, scuba diving

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