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Graham Daly

Graham Daly

To sum it up in one sentence, Graham is a modern day outdoorsman. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay has given him a special connection to his surroundings, especially on the water. He grew up in a culture of “Save the Bay” and being personally connected to it, began his career as an environmentalist, naturalist and eventually educator.

Throughout his life, Graham has been an avid surfer, fisherman, and hiker. He’s traveled through Bali, Guam, Central America, and Colorado, seeking out adventure and the outdoors every step of the way. He majored in Environmental Science and worked for the Colorado Divsion of Wildlife. Graham has worn many hats, searching for the perfect fit. He can weave you a North Carolina hammock out of rope, build and install a Solar PV array for your house, and even make traditional Capoeira instruments out of old car tires and plant parts. Of all the places he has been and jobs he has had he keeps coming back to one realization: Nothing is more important than people connecting to their environment, appreciating what it means to them and then learning what they can do to protect it. Of all the classrooms and venues he have taught or educated through, he’s found nothing beats good old outdoor experiences. There are lessons learned through experience that can never be taught with books. Experience is the greatest teacher and the outdoors is the place to learn.

Current Residence: Austin, Texas

Skills: Surfing, fly fishing, kayaking, hiking

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