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Nelbert Niemi

Nelbert Niemi

Nelbert Niemi, River and Expedition Guide

El diablo mas sauveā€¦”Nelbert” is a 50 year veteran of bush flying, considerable business and commercial guiding experience in organizing and leading climbing, whitewater rafting and overland ice expeditions on several continents. Nels brings tempered experience to the schemes of getting better at what any expedition is all about. Nels is an old school – learn by doing it by yourself, with friends or in any organized group – instructor. With patient demonstrations, hands on learning, and sundry drawings, sketches and do-it-yourself monographs, he believes that it is possible to pass down the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the expedition craft to fit, intelligent, motivated young folks who strive for the goals of acquiring the skills and leadership in, on and about participative expeditions that will bear the fruits of success on other days and in other fields.

Certifications: First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Automated External Defibrillator, Swiftwater Rescue, Lifeguarding

Current Residence: Moab, Utah; Flagstaff, Arizona; Haines, Alaska

Years in the Field: 51

Education: BS Engineering; Economics, MBA

Skills: Bush pilot; whitewater rafting; backcountry skiing; hiking; backpacking; backcountry cuisine

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