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Bat Paddles

Join us for a short expedition sunset paddle on Lady Bird Lake to see Mexican free-tailed bats! The bats migrate each spring from central Mexico to various roosting sites throughout the southwestern U.S. Lucky for us, one of those sites is Austin! Most of the bat colony is female, and in early June each one gives birth to a single baby bat, called a pup. The colony of bats summer in Austin in the crevices under the Congress Avenue bridge. It is the largest urban colony in North America, with an estimated 1,500,000 bats. Each night they eat 10,000 to 30,000 lb (4,500 to 13,600 kg) of insects.

Reservations required within 48 hours in advance. Please call The School direct @ 512.626.6282 to reserve your paddle.

Inclement Weather
Bat paddles are weather dependent and The School reserves the right to cancel a paddle based on the safest experience for everyone.

6:30pm – 9:30pm

$40 per person for paddlers 10 years of age and up.
$30 per youth 7-10 years of age
Cost includes SUP, canoe, single or tandem kayak of your choice, US Coastguard approved appropriately fitted Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs), paddles, and a pro guide and paddler!

Mahalo for your business!

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