Off Campus PE Credit

Waterfront Lifeguard Upgrade Course Syllabus

Course Intros
-Course, instructor, and student introductions
-Prerequisite check
-Facility Orientation
-General Course information, course completion requirements
-Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Course Prerequisite Swim Test
-550 yard continuous swim (200 yards of freestyle, 200 yards of breastroke, and 150 yards of combination of the two);
-Timed event: swim 20 yards using either freestyle or breastroke, surface dive 7-10ft., retrieve 10lb diving brick and return to surface, returning to point of origin within 1 minute 40 seconds.
-Underwater Swim:  swim 5 yards, submerge and retrieve three dive rings placed 5 yards apart in 4-7 feet of water, resurface and swim 5 yards to side of pool.

Course Prerequisite Skills Exam for Waterfront Upgrade  Course- Lifeguard skills scenario; CPR/AED for Pro Rescuer scenario; First Aid scenario.  All scenarios will include topics from the following:

Breathing and Cardiac Emergencies: CPR/AED for theProfessional Rescuer
-Primary Survey
-Obtaining Consent and Legal Considerations
-Basic Precautions to prevent disease transmission
-Resuscitation masks: using a Bag Valve Mask (BVM) vs a Pocket Mask
-General procedures for injury or sudden illness on land
-moving a victim

Breathing Emergencies
-Airway Obstruction conscious/unconscious infant, child, adult
-Rescue Breathing

Cardiac Emergencies
-Signs and Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest (Heart Attack)
-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation infant, child, adult

Automated External Defibrillator
-Basic Cardiology
-Utilizing an AED on an Adult and Child
-Contraindications on using an AED

Two Rescuer CPR/AED on Adult, Child, and Infant


First Aid
-Initial Assesment vs. Secondary Assessment
-Emergency Moves – Clothes Drag, Seat Carry
-Physical Exam and SAMPLE History
-Sudden Illness
-Caring for Shock
-Weather, weather…
-Injuries to muscles, bones, and joints
-Bites and Stings
-Administering Epinephrine
-Assisting with bronchodilators (inhalers)
-Heat Related Emergencies
-Cold Related Emergencies
-Designing and Implementing Emergency Action Plan
-Common types of injuries in your area
-First Aid Kits

Lifeguard Training
-The Professional Lifeguard and Injury Prevention
-Benefits of being a professional LG
-Responsibilities of a professional LG
-Decision making
-The LG Team
-How facility management promotes LG professionalism
-Preventing injuries – patron safety
-Communicating with patrons
-Safety checks
-Weather conditions
-Management and safety

Water Rescues
-Extension assist from the deck
-swimming extension rescue
-active drowning victim rear rescue and extricate
-multiple victim rescue
-passive drowning victim rear rescue and extricate
-feet first surface dive
-submerged victim rescue

Patron Surveillance and Injury Prenvention
-Patron Surveilance
-The “RID” Factor
-Proper Scanning
-LG Stations, rotations, and area of responsibility
-Responding to Emergenies
-Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s)
-Critical Incident Stress Disorder
-Entries and approaches
-Skill session – entries and approaches
-Victim recognition and Rescue:

Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries on Land; in Shallow and Deep Water
-Defining and caring for a Head, Neck and Back Injury
-In-line stabilization techniques
-Defining and caring for a Head, Neck and Back Injury
-In-line stabilization techniques

Shallow Water
-Suspected spinal victim – on top of water and submerged passive victim
-Using a backboard in shallow water

Deep Water
-Suspected spinal victim – on top of water and submerged passive victim
-Using a backboard in deep water

Waterfront Lifeguard skills:

Shallow and Deep Water Line Searches

-sightings and cross bearings

-shallow and deep water line searches

-using a mask and fins

-feet first surface dive using mask and fins, head first surface dive using mask and fins

-deep water line search

-rescue board – distressed swimmer or active victim

-rescue board – passive victim

-walking assist

-beach drag

-front and back carry

-two person removal from the water using a backboard

Course Written Exams
-CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
-First Aid
-Open Water Lifeguarding


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