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Wilderness First Aid Course with optional CPR/AED for Pro Rescuer course.

Cost: $240 (includes CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid certificate)

Locations, Dates and Times:: Course locations vary. Please click the “register” button to see address locations, dates and times.

Description: 15 years of age or older. This course is designed specifically for those who work and/or live in remote areas where Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response is delayed 30 minutes or more. Typically when help is delayed, the rescuer spends more time sustaining the patient and/or evacuating the patient to a safer environment than in an urban setting. This course provides information on how to respond to those wilderness medical emergencies and trains students to recognize the signs and symptoms of various maladies. This course also covers how to prioritize care; perform an initial assessment; perform emergency evacuation moves; perform a head to toe exam and collect a SAMPLE history; document; care for different types of wounds; immobilize head, neck and spinal injuries; treating snakebites; administering epinephrine; splinting techniques; treat burns; treat for shock; recognize environmental and sudden illnesses; perform infant, child and adult CPR and utilize and AED on adults and children; assist conscious and unconscious victims with obstructed airways; perform rescue breathing. Discussions on packing appropriate first aid kits and developing emergency action plans will be explored during class time. We strive to customize this course according to your environment – whether rural; aquatic (lakes, rivers, ocean); desert; or mountain settings. We will discuss the most typical dangers that apply to your environment and create scenarios that best simulate a true emergency that may arise in your area.

Cost includes: Online books and fees-Wilderness First Aid Participant Guide

What to bring: ballpoint pen, paper/notebook, water, snacks, weather appropriate clothing -we will be doing scenarios outside

Certifications: CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer (valid for 2 years); Wilderness First Aid (valid for 2 years).

How many students  qualify as a group? 10 or more students qualify as a group.

Do you possess a current and valid CPR/AED certification? If you already possess a current and valid CPR/AED certification, you can pay $195 to take the Wilderness First Aid course only. Contact The School directly to discuss the details.

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