Off Campus PE Credit

Team Building

Wellness Education

Dates: We will work with you to set up dates and times. Workshops/Trainings can be from 2 hours to 2-3 days.

Location: on-site or any wilderness/outdoor setting We can come to you or you can come to our outdoor site at the Lorraine Grandma Camacho Center.

Cost: varies depending on length of workshop

Level of Difficulty: Easy-Challenging (with the group’s goals and focus in mind)

Ages: 7-99 years of age

Group size: 8-500

Ideal For: anyone, organizations, businesses, hospitals, administrators, teams, committees, schools, etc.

Skills: personal participation, involvement, verbal/nonverbal communication and effort.

Activities: Stand Up Paddling, Canoeing, Kayaking, Low Ropes Course, etc.

Descriptions of Types of Team Building Activities:

Team Building as an Experience. Outcomes (trust, efficiency, getting to know each other better, goal setting, planning, problem-solving, delegating tasks, going beyond self-imposed limitations, team cohesion, etc.) focus on what the team, business, organization, or the school group hopes to achieve as a result of the experience. This is discussed prior to the team building experience with group organizers. Team building challenges and activities involve ice breakers, group problem-solving initiatives and challenges, goal setting and planning discussions. Most activities and challenges will involve a team debriefing, which will enable the participants to acknowledge the strengths of and contributions made by the participants and to see how this relates or can relate to our challenges we face in our everyday lives.

Leading and Facilitating Team Building Activities for the Instructor. This train-the-leader workshop will focus on how to lead team building activities/challenges for groups. Participants will learn how to pre-brief or “stage” the activity so that it is as close to real life as possible thus making the experience more meaningful. Participants will also learn: how to appropriately sequence activities to maximize learning opportunities; when to and when not to intervene to discuss the progress of the group; how to diffuse tensions between participants when faced with adversity and challenges; and how to process the group initiatives, including various creative ways to debrief team building activities.

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