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Grand Canyon River Trip

Grand Canyon Expedition

Dates: 2013 Fall Expedition: September 1st – September 6th!
Cost: $1,050 – cost includes all food, lodging, and ground/river transportation to/from Phoenix Airport.  Cost excludes airfare.
Ages: 14 – 18
Ideal For: youth ages 14-18
Accomodations:  2 night stay in Flagstaff, AZ / 3 night stay in tents, under the stars, in the Grand Canyon!
Skills: Water safety, local flora and fauna; Leave No Trace ethics; environmental ethics and history of the Grand Canyon; weather and climate; astronomy; anthropology; backcountry cooking; basic Class I – III whitewater; paddling; hiking; bouldering.
Description:  Grand Canyon Youth and The Expedition School invite you to experience an adventure of a lifetime:  a river trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  This 5 day journey takes us on a four day river trip along the Colorado Plateau of the Grand Canyon.  We launch at Diamond Creek and take out at the South Cove on Lake Meade.  Students are involved in every facet of the trip.  On river activities include rigging the rafts, paddling, cooking, camp chores, epic hikes into the canyon, bouldering and climbing on sandstone rock formations, and giving educational talks.  Students are required to complete 15 hours of community service prior to the trip AND give an oral report of topic of choice on the Grand Canyon while on the river.  This is an excellent beginner whitewater trip – and, a phenomenal way to explore and learn about the Grand Canyon.

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