Off Campus PE Credit

OC-PE Fall Curriculum

Mountains, Trails, and Desert – Expedition Credit:
•Basic foundation of skill set introduced:
Mountain Biking (maintenance, safe routes to schools)
Map & Compass
Rock Climbing
Trip Planning
Backcountry Cooking
Expedition Gear and Provisions
Weather Forecasting
Safety: Prevention, Recognition, Response in urban, wilderness, land
and water environments.
Environmental Ethics (See Requirements for Adventure Based
Environmental Stewardship, Conservation, Ecology and Learning).
Local Flora and Fauna
History of areas explored
Utilizing designated parkland and public park space for recreation at
the –local, -county, -state, and, -national level.
Trip planning, expeditionist behavior, provisions, and gear
Developing Emergency Action Plan
Leave No Trace Ethics Teen Program

Book Assignments:
Zen and the Art of Bike Maintenance – Robert Pirsig
Geology Book of Texas
Into the Wild – John Krakauer
Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills
Deep Survival
Into Thin Air – John Krakauer

Films to viewed:
Touching the Void
Ken Kamler – Inside the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster –

Into the Wild

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