Medical and Aquatic Safety Support
for your next race or event

  • Wilderness EMTs, Paramedics, RNs, MDs, Open Water Lifeguards, and Wilderness First Responders – providing Basic Life Support, First aid and CPR/AED for Professional rescuer
  • Open Water Lifeguards on Stand Up Paddle boards or kayaks
  • We support NICA, USAT, WFTDA and USA Track and Field events

The Expedition Medical Team

Experienced guides who serve independently as first responders, medics, doctors and waterfront lifeguards for special events and races.

The Expedition Medical Team provides:

  • Basic and advanced trauma life support
  • Waterfront + ocean lifeguarding support
  • Instructs CPR/AED, Lifeguarding, Basic Water Rescue and Wilderness First Aid courses
  • Educates racers, athletes, volunteers and race directors on course and event safety – including potential environmental and/or course hazards
  • Acts as a liaison between local county fire, police, and EMS, air evac teams and event directors

Request a Medical Team

Questions:  Contact us: (512) 626-6282 or email

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